Explore the Right Business for Sale Opportunity in BC

So you have decided to go about your own business. Being your own boss is a wonderful feeling. But there are many responsibilities that come along. How about buying an existing business for sale in BC? If the idea excites you, here are some of the opportunities that you may consider.

Let us have a look at business opportunities all across Canada.

A Profit-making Franchise


This wonderful opportunity comes as Franchise Sandwich Shop in Surrey, BC, Canada. It is a top sandwich brand franchise store for sale. Lying in central Surrey inside busy Boardwalk Mall, the store finds excellent exposure. It experiences high traffic from nearby establishments which means the chances of making money are on higher side. This already existed business opportunity is spread in around 920 sq ft area and houses the 16-seat dining area, kitchen, working counter, back kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

Innovative Health Food Business


If you are a diet conscious person and wish to make people aware of the same, there is an exciting business for sale in BC. The opportunity is based in Vancouver. It comes as Organic Health Food Business with active store accounts in both Canada and the United States. It needs dedicated operational as well as manufacturing support to make the most of a dynamic food category. The sales are registered as 4.2 Billion dollars in North America. The company also markets natural products which are good tasting too.

Relax while your Earn


Generally, we get so busy while earning that we lack of time to relax. How about relaxing while earning? You may be wondering if there is any opportunity that can offer the same. The opportunity to relax comes along with Spa & Yoga Studio in Great Vancouver area in B.C. Indulge in a relaxing environment with this business that provides spa services including facial treatments, massages and medical treatments.