Live your Passion with Exciting Business Opportunities

So, you are among those who wish to run a business but hesitate to start one? If yes then consider selecting a business for sale in Burnaby. Well, the idea may work for you if you aspire to be a business-owner.

Here are few opportunities under 300 K that might interest you.

  1. Business with Brand Name

If you like technology then LG Electronic Appliances Store in Chilliwack can be your choice. It is always easy to deal with the products having a brand name. LG refurbished products need no introduction. Who does not like fast return on investment? If it is your dream, you can chase it with this excellent business opportunity. As a buyer, you will receive a supplier contract that will ease you off with the constant supply of LG refurbished products in store.

  1. Growing the Company Together

 Many of us have inclination towards home decor products. If you possess the same interest, you can find a business opportunity that comes as Granite and Stone Products Company in Richmond, BC. You can be a business partner and help in promoting the company. As an already established business, various business benefits come along like year-round projects, well-connected network and constant job orders.

  1. Love Seafood? Consider it as a Business

So, you want to do something different? Not to worry, there are another exciting opportunities for business for sale in Richmond,BC. Look around and you may find an interesting option like Wholesale & Retail Fish and Seafood Company in Steveston Village in Richmond BC. The company is located in high traffic area that receives more and more tourists. It deals into live and processed seafood including frozen fish, oysters, lobsters, processed shellfish, crabs and Canadian Salmon gift packs.

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Buy a Biotech Business in Vancouver, Canada

The Canadian life science and biotech sector continue to show determination and resiliency even though, like other sectors of the Canadian economy, it has faced significant challenges as a result of the global economic slowdown. Nevertheless, the fundamentals remain strong.

According to the business respondents to Canadian Life Sciences Industry Forecast 2013, they are seeking in excess of CAD1 billion of capital and there is a strong view that governments need to help stimulate capital formation. 41% of respondents are moderately to extremely confident about the industry’s long term outlook.

The industry must remain at the leading edge of innovation, but it won’t happen in isolation. Canada has made progress in securing important building blocks for a growing bio-economy. The need for coordinated actions from all parties remains. 58% of respondents have indicated that the most challenging factor for their organizations over the next 2 years will be the raising of capital. Attracting a licensing or strategic partner has become an even more important issue. The top-rated critical success factor for the industry continues to be access to capital. Tax incentives that encourage investment by providers of capital is also critical. By working together, industry and governments can set in place a competitive market framework that will attract investment and allow the Canadian life sciences industry to play a significant role in the long-term health and prosperity of Canadians.

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Source: PwC’s fifth Canadian Life Sciences Industry Forecast, presented in collaboration with BIOTECanada